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Baby Spoon Milk Bottle

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Color – Blue


Baby squeeze bottles are mostly made of fine materials. The appearance is childlike and fashionable, and it can hold 120ML of pasty or liquid food. Parents can squeeze and feed with one hand. The soft Silicone spoon head protects the baby's gums and is a good helper for complementary food feeding.

Product Information:

Product name: Baby multipurpose squeeze bottle
Model: H41-136
Age: more than 6 months
Specifications: 1 set
Color: blue, red, yellow and blue
Temperature resistance: 100°
Size: 10.4X6.8X6.3cm (bottle body)
Material: Polypropylene Silicone
7.3X 6.0X6.0cm (dust cover)

Before the first use and after each use, please wash thoroughly with clean water, shake off the water, and dry in a cool, ventilated place.
Do not use boiling water or steam to sterilize, just use warm water or baby dishwashing liquid to clean it.
Do not use corrosive chemicals for cleaning.
Do not leave the product near the fire source for a long time.
This package contains important information, please keep it properly.

Safety warning:
This product must be used under adult supervision.
Please check the product before each use. If it is damaged, please replace it in time.
Make sure all accessories are properly connected before each use.
Please check the temperature of the food before loading it to avoid scalding.
Do not use any parts as toys, and keep all parts out of the reach of children.

1. Align the spoon head and the snap ring according to the instructions.
2. Put the food in, install the bottle fixing ring, and tighten the spoon head.
3. Lightly press the bottle body to make the food flow out, and then you can feed it.

Packing List:

Baby bottle*1

    Baby Spoon Milk Bottle
    Baby Spoon Milk Bottle
    Baby Spoon Milk Bottle
    Baby Spoon Milk Bottle
    Baby Spoon Milk Bottle
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